Image Search For Fashion

search with images and shop the look

How It Works

1. See an outfit you like 👗

You see someone in an outfit you like, and you wonder where you can buy the outfit from.

2. Take a picture of the outfit 📷

Take a picture of the outfit and upload on LykDat. If you already have the photo on your phone, you can just upload it directly.

3. LykDat will list you places to buy it 🛍

We'll return a list of shops that sell the outfit, or something close.

Different Ways to Search

Besides the obvious upload button you see, there are other ways you can do a search without having to upload an image from your camera or image library

Search from Instagram/Twitter

If you're on instagram or twitter and see a picture with fashion items you like. Simply mention @lyk.dat (@lykdatapp on twitter) in the comment section and that's how you do a search! You'll get a response with the search result link and can shop without really having to switch apps. Please note that if you're on Instagram, you may first need to accept a message request.

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